cookventure is a game made in 11  hours for the RPG biz one map challenge game jam. The objective is to feed the customer with the food that he wants. but the clock is ticking if the red bar at the top of the screen disapears you have lost.

  • X  cut, fry, bake or blend items
  • Z pick up/drop items
  • arrow keys - move

tip: the game will show you which button you need to press if you stand close to a certain object.

how to play:

I will give a short example of how to play. imagine you need to make a fried apple the steps you will take are

  • get an apple from the box and press Z
  • move to the fryer and hold the X button until the green bar vanishes
  • bring the fried apple to the customer 

if you don't know how to make a dish then look at the icon in the left corner. It will show you which actions need to be performed.


the awesome music was made by ChadWiggy and Zleun72


Cookventure 6 MB

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